Kix scripting

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Here are some kix examples.

Scriptname description
Autologon.kix Set autologon parameters in windows. After reboot the pc will login automatically.
defprt.kix Link the default printer to a LPT port.
listdomain.kix Demonstrates a function to get the netbios names for all computers in a domain.
logon.kix Sample logon script for windows.
lstprtdrv.kix List printerdrivers in to a csv file.
prtconnect.kix Connect to a network printer.
prtmap.kix Place the Printers folder on the desktop.
readxml.kix How to read a xml file with kix and com automation.
schedjob.kix Schedule a task to multiple pc's in the domain.
setinstsrc.kix Changes the installation source path for windows.
sqlbkp.kix Run SQL server scripts with kix.