VB scripting

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Scriptname description
chkauditlog.vbs This script checks the auditlog for eventid 6 in the past hour and mails the events by smtp mail.
CreateXml.vbs This script creates or updates a xml file using msxml.
CreBorders.vbs This script adds a border to an images using Photoshop CS3.
CreThumbs.vbs This script creates thumbnails from images using Photoshop CS3.
dirspace.vbs This script creates a pie chart in excel with directories > 10 mb.
encrypt.vbs This script demonstrates a simple encryption algorithm.
extrcab.vbs This script extracts embedded cab file from msi files.
getimage.vbs Example script to download an image from a website.
getsrvstatus.vbs This script collects the status from machines that are stored in a sql server table. It then saves the status to another table.
getxmlelement.vbs A script to get information from a xml file.
IsServer.vbs This script lists all computers in a domain and determines if it is a server.
listmsi.vbs This script lists info from a MSI file.
ListMySQL.vbs This script lists databases and tables on MySQL server.
lstexchange.vbs This script lists all exchange mailboxes on a exchange 5.5 server.
lstServers.vbs This script lists all servers in a domain and stores them in to a SQL database.
mailread.vbs This script saves an attachment in a mail and starts a dts package on a sql server.
Nef2Jpg.vbs This script converts Raw NEF files to jpg images with Photoshop CS3.
openword.vbs This script opens word documents and saves them.
RestartSpooler.vbs This script restarts the Print Spooler.
Serverchk.vbs This script monitors diskspace and eventlogs on a server.
SetFtpWrite.vbs This script sets write access on a local ftp site.
writeini.vbs This script updates inifiles.
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