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This script is a sample encryption/decryption algorithm. The algorithm uses a encryption key and a random seed. If you change the seed or the key, you will get a different encrypted string. You need to use the same key and … Read More

Groene pesto

Dit is een standaard recept wat bij de Artisan Blender van Kitchenaid zit. Klein beetje aangepast voor een nog betere smaak.


Omdat de kast met recepten wel erg rommelig wordt, ben ik begonnen met een aantal recepten te digitaliseren. Hier vindt je recepten die wij vaker eten. Verzameld uit tijdschriften, kookboeken van het internet of van televisie.


I had the following problem : I needed to rerun a program from the sccm distribution share on the server. When you create a scheduled task with schtasks.exe there is no way to configure the working directory for the program … Read More


This is an example how to read a value from an inifile with Powershell. #*************************************************************************** #** Script:   ReadIni.ps1 #** Version:  1.0 #** Created:  12/19/2010 11:09AM #** Author:   Adriaan Westra #** Website:  http://www.westphil.nl #** #** Purpose / Comments: #**    Get a value … Read More


This script will load the module SccmFunctions from the same directory the script is in. In the Module is the function Get-Sccmcollection defined. This function will return all members from a collection. The script will then loop through the members … Read More


This is a sample script to list all the computers in a domain or in a specific OU. If no OU is specified all the computers in the domain will be listed. #*************************************************************************** #** Script: get-ADComputers.ps1 #** Version: 1.0 #** … Read More


This is an example on how to ping a hostname or ipaddress with powershell. It makes use of the WMI Win32_Pingstatus to ping the address. #*************************************************************************** #** Script: ping.ps1 #** Version: 1.0 #** Created: 12/19/2010 11:09AM #** Author: Adriaan Westra … Read More